We are a licensed Federal Firearms Licensee

We are so happy that we are a licensed FFL Dealer in the State of Ohio. We are always looking for good quality Firearms to be auctioned off. If you or someone you know is looking to downsize, get rid of their firearms collection please let them know that we are interested in helping auction […]

More Online Auctions Coming.

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Info About Auction Vs Estate Sale

Here are some links found on the web about Auctions vs Estate/Tag Sales Auction vs Estate/Tag Sale #1 Auction vs Estate/Tag Sale #2 We supply this information so that all possible clients can make the best decision for themselves. The links above have been around for years and the same principles still apply now as […]

It’s All About Auctions

It’s All About Auctions When I started telling my friends and family that we were expanding into the auction industry, I inevitably heard, “auctions are really starting to get popular now.” But the fact is that auctions have existed in their present format for more than two millenniums (anecdotally, they have existed in some form […]