Starting Lineup Online Auction #226

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Starting Lineup Online Auction #226

Auction running April 21 through May 12th
Auction Pickup is Sunday May 15th 12pm to 3pm

Auction contains Starting Lineup Figures from 2 Different Collectors. There are Michael Jordans, Brett Farve, Bo Jackson, Derek Jeter, Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, Shaq, Dennis Rodman, and so so many more.. Check out the auction there are over 1,000 Items. There are duplicates.. Make sure you check out all the pictures. There are some issues with the carboard but the Figures and the Cards are still like new.

Now make sure you look at the card as well as the figures. We have noticed that the cards can be sold for some really good money for collections when graded.. So make sure if you are a collector to buy it for the cards or the figures..

Any questions please let us know..

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