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Welcome to Handline’s Auctions! My name is John Handline Sr. and I am the owner/operator of Handline’s Auctions. A graduate of Reppert Auction School in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Auctioneer for Handline’s Auctions, I am proud to now be serving Ohio. Handline’s Auctions is a family run business that has built professional relationships with experts in many fields.

Collectively, our goal is to serve our clients in the most honest and transparent manner possible. Whatever your situation may be (Downsizing, Moving, a Love one’s passing, Business Liquidation, or any other reason), Handline’s Auctions will serve you quickly, honestly, and…like family.

Our Team

Meet The Team

John Handline Sr

John Handline Sr

Owner/Operator & Auctioneer

Sarah G

Right Hand, Description Writer, Shipping, Photographer, Clerk and more

Mike Popic

Mike Popik

Assistant, Setup, Prep & more

Joshua Handline

Registration, Checkout, Helper & Son

Anna H

Anna Handline

Spouse, Clerking, & More

John Handline Jr

Live Auction Helper, Photographer


Live Auction Helper, Clerk Photographer


Live Auction Helper when needed


New Description Writer, Photographer, and Live Auction Helper

Shawn Wilson

Description Writer, Photographer and Live Auction Helper, Clerk, Check in and Out

Anna Mannella


David Cronin

Assistant, Consultant & Friend

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